Ken Rubin

As the Managing Partner of Rubin Realty Associates, Ken Rubin oversees the daily operations of Rubin Realty Associates, as well as the Leasing and Acquisitions Division of real estate investment and management affiliate Donald Heft and Associates. 

With over 36 years of industrial real estate experience both from an ownership/management and brokerage perspective, Ken has extensive experience in negotiating transactions, lease and contract analysis, property management, construction, marketing, and property disposition. 

He has completed over $500 million of transactions, and has consummated transactions with companies such as Federal Express, Spring Air Mattress, Schering, and Ashland Oil and has completed hundreds of transactions on behalf of local, regional, and national corporations and organizations.

Spring Air Mattress Company – 109,000 square foot lease

Berkeley Packaging  - 75,000 square foot lease

Schering Corporation – 150,000 square foot sale

Everlast Transport – 35,000 square foot lease

Rolrom Foods – 90,000 square foot acquisition

Central Lewmar Paper Co. – 85,000 square foot lease

Shady Street Fidelco – 30,000 square foot sale

DermaRite Products – 120,000 square foot acquisition

Metro Imaging and Packaging – 20,000 square foot lease

Newark Wire Corporation - 30,000 square foot lease

Starplast Industries – 51,000 square foot lease

Apec Industries – 75,000 square foot lease

Gomez Packaging – 40,000 square foot lease

MSO Furniture – 103,000 square foot lease

Seaboard Industries – 46,000 square foot lease

Milky Way Corporation – 75,000 square foot sale

River Terminal – Amstar Enterprises – 50,000 square foot lease

Premier Warehouse and Distribution – 50,000 square foot lease

Corsicana Mattress – 22,000 square foot lease

Centrome, Inc. – 55,000 square foot lease

Aceco Mills – 105,000 square foot lease

State of NJ, NJ Transit - 22,000 square foot lease

1413 Chestnut Avenue Associates – 45,000 square foot sale

Form Fit and Function - 26,000 square foot lease/option to purchase

Admiral Wine Company - 55,000 square foot acquisition

Auto Parts International - several lease transactions

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